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Our Events

Our Ninabrook store travels with us to most of our events and retreats. This means that if you can't attend you can still come and shop with us. We will post details of upcoming events here. We will also post an event coupon code for pre-orders. One advantage of this code is that when you enter this code in the coupon field of your online order, all you have to do is come to the event/retreat and pick up your order and you save the shipping!

If you live in the area make sure you drop by and say 'hello', there's always something kooky going on.

Check back here often for events and pre-order details!!

Ninabrook's No Frill Crop, Shop and Card Buffet

Check the calendar for dates and times

COST (inc. tax)

  • $39.55 for a 6 foot table of your own

  • $33.90 to share a 6 foot table with a friend ($16.95 each)
  • your own lunch (fridge available)

  • the space
  • 12 hours of non-interrupted creative time
  • beverages and a snack
  • a group of lovely crafters to share your ideas and a good time
Ninabrook will be onsite for your shopping pleasure. To reserve your seat please send payment by e-transfer to, using the password - nofrillscrop, with the following instructions in your note.

Your name-
Email address-
Date of the event-

**If you are sharing a table please provide the name of the person you are sharing with, as well as their email address. When sharing, only one person sends in the full payment for both.

If you can't attend the crop, please feel free to come and shop!