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Our event team; Meaghan, Kris, Denise, Tom, Tiffany and Connie. Not showing; Bela, and Courtney.
We, Kris and Tiff, purchased Ninabrook Designs in May 2017. We have since rebranded as Ninabrook Paper Crafting, Canada's Best Deals in discount, brand-name, paper crafting products.

Our philosophy is to keep our prices low so that more people can access brand name scrapbooking, card-making and media products. With this in mind, we also host regular No Frills and Fun and Frugal Getaways throughout Ontario, Canada. We are committed to growing a strong national creative community and we are proud members of the Association For Creative Industries (AFCI).

Tiffany Bond is an outgoing, social butterfly who loves to chat more than craft. Even if she's not creating she's all about building a community of crafters, in whatever form it takes.

Kristen Goberis is the artsy-fartsy one who loves to share her passion for any arts, crafts or mixed media. She thrives in a room full of crafty people and is always available to help you with your creative block.

Both women can be bribed with ice cream, chocolate and your cute furry friends. 


We are very fortunate to have the best teams in the paper-crafting industry. From our design team, to the office team, through to the onsite team at events, we have made wonderful relationships with a common interest; to foster and build a strong creative community in Canada. We thank you all for your time, effort, and great ideas.