Scrapbooking for beginners...

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Here are 5 THINGS I wished I had of known when I started out...

1) Scrapbooking should be FUN...not another TASK. It's therapeutic, so enjoy the process, no need to rush (insert DEEP BREATH here). 

2) There is no WRONG or RIGHT way to scrapbook...find YOUR style (it'll evolve as you go). You don't have to scrapbook your photos in chronological order (and you absolutely don't have to scrapbook EVERY photo!) Pick a theme and do an album for a specific event if you want. It's best to start small, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

3) Invest in a good quality basics. Have you ever tried dollar store adhesive? UGH. Don't waster your loonie!. If you're going to spend time creating gorgeous don't want your embellishments falling off a few months later! Need a paper trimmer? I'd recommend asking your scrappy friends or simply googling "best paper trimmers for scrapbooking" or "paper trimmer reviews".  The BEST info is from the customer NOT the company who is trying to sell them!  

With that in mind, here's an overview of what you'll need to start:

  • Patterned paper and/or cardstock 
  • Acid-Free adhesive (tape runner, glue dots, foam dots, etc.)
  • Minimal embellishments and/or stickers
  • Paper trimmer and/or sharp scissors
  • Photos (forget the blurry ones...just showcase the ones you're proud of!)
  • Page protectors/album (12"x 12" is the most popular size, making it easy to find...but don't limit yourself...pick the size you like!). In fact, creating a mini album is a GREAT way to start!  We carry various sizes of albums here at  Have a look around our online store!


4) You can create 12"x 12" layouts (go to Ninabrook's Pinterest page for examples) or you can do "pocket style" scrapbooking. For pocket style scrapbooking, you use photo sleeves that have various sizes of "pockets" in them. You can purchase pre-made cards to pop into these pockets or create your own. It does make scrapbooking super QUICK & EASY.  I personally love the idea of COMBINING both styles into one album! Check out Ninabrook's deals on photo sleeves HERE.

     5) You don't think you're creative? You are. Sometimes it take a while to develop. Here's what helped me:

  • Hanging out with creative people!  The scrapbooking community is VIBRANT (and a little crazy! WHOOT WHOOT!). Find events and crops near you. Often they are fundraisers, so part of the registration fee goes to AWESOME causes (it's a WIN WIN!).
  • Surfing the net for ideas. Personally I think Pinterest is all you could ever want or need...but the options are ENDLESS! There are thousands of "layout sketches" out there. Just copy their layout design but use the papers & embellishments that you already own. 
  • Don't get hung up on making every layout perfect. If you're stuck and don't like your layout...look at it with "fresh eyes" the next morning!  Ask a friend for their learn & grow along the way.

Ninabrook is here for you!  If you have questions or concerns...please don't hesitate to call us at 519 780 3854 or email All the best on your creative journey!

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