17098164-1249918875129563-7248730045194566174-n.jpg  Kristen Goberis and Tiffany Bond have had a very busy 2017. They have taken Crop and Chat     Retreats to a new level and re-branded as Creative Crafting Retreats. In addition to this, they       have also purchased their second business. Ninabrook Paper Crafting is an online, paper-           crafting, outlet store which will be a complement to Creative Crafting Retreats. Both of these         businesses are now divisions of their newly incorporated company called Ninabrook Creative       Crafting Inc.

Tiffany and Kristen have spent many years attending retreats and events in the creative world. Using all the positive experiences, and their extensive customer service background, they have developed events that provide a personalized stress-free get-away. Kristen and Tiffany strongly promote self-care and time-out to be creative.

Ninabrook Paper Crafting is not only an online business, but is also a ride-along business for their retreats, onsite store for other events, and soon to be seen at trade shows across Canada. Ninabrook’s product lines are discount paper crafting supplies, and their intention is to keep the prices low so more people are able to access the craft industry.